A downloadable game for Windows

Do you like horror games? Me neither. Thank you, Fuck This Jam!

If you don't know, Fuck This Jam is a jam where you make a game for a genre you dislike, and for me that would be horror/exploration. Those games are usually dull and lifeless, trying to get a cheap scare out of you. I tried my best to cram as much atmosphere and suspense as I could into this game, while not knowing a lot about horror. It may not be the best, but I hope you enjoy it!

Made in two days.


WASD = Move

Spacebar = Attack

Mouse = Rotate

Click = Toggle Light


Skull.bl (@SkullBl)

Install instructions

Step 1: Download the .zip file.

Step 2: Open the .zip file and extract.

Step 3: Double-click "Isolation.exe"


Isolation.zip 2 MB